Friday, October 16, 2015

National Feral Cat Day

Dexter Cat, Rabbit, Sink-Cat

At No-Kill United we love cats - especially feral ones. And being the servants that we are to three former ferals of our own (Dexter Cat, Rabbit, and Sink-Cat) we want to show some love and help raise feral cat awareness!

Seen as pests, nuisances, and out of control, feral cats often struggle to find food and shelter, are subject to abuse and torment, and many times when "rescued" the only option given to them is so-called "euthanasia". But feral cats are really just beautiful beings living their lives and we need to treat them as such. That's why No-Kill United is joining the cause to help paint the better picture of feral cats, and you can help!


Got a lazy cat just hanging around the house? Are you the servant of a cute kitten who just can't figure out that red dot? Know a feral who just needs some love? Show off your cat pics and videos on Twitter using hashtag #DexterDoesntSkate.

Show some feral cat love!...because, Dexter doesn't skate.